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An Open Letter to Good Cops

Dear Good Cops,

Where are you?  Will you ever speak up? Will you hold your colleagues, partners, system accountable for the many black lives that die unnecessarily at their hands?

Police StationThis letter isn’t for black cops only.  It is for all cops who place themselves in the “good’ category.  I understand and appreciate that there are good cops, but what I don’t understand is their inability to exercise the term #protectandserve even when it means the ones you are protecting the black community from may happen to be your fellow police officer.  Can you still be considered a good cop if you witness another cop using excessive force, planting evidence, harassing a certain group of people, using racist terms or anything deemed unbecoming of a law enforcement officer, and you do nothing to stop him?  How is that possible?

Your inaction is what leads to murderous cops eventually killing someone. And in most cases that someone is a black person…without cause.    What will it take for you step up? Obviously, the murder of a 12 year old isn’t something that would motivate you to say enough is enough.  How can you stomach so many injustices, so many killings, so many beatings and it not bother your conscious? Remind me again, how you are a good cop?

Look, I really need you to stand up and start bringing accountability to a system that we all recognized is stacked against black folks.  I know it won’t be easy.  I know that you will be ostracized and your very job could be put in jeopardy…or worse your life may be threatened.  I get that.  I wouldn’t wish this stress on anyone, but our lives are at stake.  And

My 7 year old son’s life depends on, in part, “good” cops stepping up. #HeISNotAThreat

honestly, I really need you because I fear for my son’s, my husband’s and my life every day.  My son is only seven, but in 5 short years, if I’m to take to heart what prosecutor #TimMcGinty says, I’m going to have to prepare my son not to go play in the park at 12, not to look suspicious…and that’s hard because the way our society works, the fact that he’s black and male he IS suspicious. What kind of life is this?

Tell me, what do you need to get a backbone and stand up? I’m desperate to partner with those good cops that are willing to say enough is enough.  I’m not talking about the ease of pointing at other situations outside of your precinct, I’m talking about that brother or sister cop that works right alongside of you. Let’s start with something simple.  For example, let’s not sign off on false police reports covering up the bad deed.  Let’s file complaints and/or follow the appropriate protocol to getting these dangerous cops off the street before they kill someone.

As I’ve stated in previous blog posts, many of these killings could have been prevented if the murderous cops were stopped when they were “only” misbehaving.  You know, whenever the city pays out a settlement…maybe, just maybe that cop who caused the lawsuit should be fired and lose their pension.

What I’m asking. What I’m begging of you to do is to step from behind the blue code and step into your true role of protecting and serving all communities…even if it means from your colleagues. When you see something, say something. Your quietness makes you just as guilty.  If you ARE a GOOD COP, then ACT LIKE IT! Otherwise, you are no different and the blood of those who are killed or harmed is on your hands.


Dru Ealons, wife & mother
Traditionally Modern, That’s My Point of View

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Good Cops

  1. You are so right my sister. I have been speaking out for decades about wrong doings and taking actions as well. All cops are not bad, I know there is some good one’s as well as bad ones. I had six brother’s many cousins, friends etc. that have been used up by or killed becase of our broken legal system. Teacher’s, Preacher’s, Doctor’s, Politicians and Private Citizens all have a role in keep our children, communities and countries safe. Be it city, state, county or the United States if you know someone or something is wrong do something about it. Stop the crime, Corruption, Coverups, Greed, Hatred and murder of innocent people. Thanks for your many heartfelt blog Dru. Stay prayed up and continue teaching Maxwell and spreading the truth. Happy New Year from our Family to yours. See something say something. God bless!


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