Nervous Mommy: 1st Day of School


Oh my!  I couldn’t sleep last night. I gave myself a mani and pedi, experimenting with a brand new color: Essie – Trophy Wife! I thought that would relax me…or at least make me feel like a super sexy #HauteMom! Ha! Lies!!! Well, I do feel like a super sexy #HauteMom:-)!

You would think it’s my first day of school. Nope, all of this nervous energy is about my little guy Maxwell. I’m not sure why I’m so nervous. Hmmm, here’s a list of possibilities:

  • Maybe it’s because he’s attending a new school…and it’s much bigger than his last school.
  • Maybe it’s because he’s entering first grade…and it seems like he’s growing up too fast.
  • Maybe it’s because I’m not sure I’ve done all I can to prepare him…and if he doesn’t do well, it’s all my fault.
  • Maybe it’s because I didn’t stick to his bed time routine…and he won’t make a great 1st day impression.
  • Maybe it’s because he’s attending an independent private school…and I’m clueless to what to expect. #PublicSchoolGrad
  • Or maybe, just maybe, I realize I don’t have any control…and that scares this control freak to pieces.

Either way, he’s been dropped off and successfully walked to his class. And as I’m sipping my Starbucks Triple Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte (around the corner from the IMG_5788school), even in the midst of all this uncertainty, I’m confident about one thing: He who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above anything I can ever ask or think, is in control! Therefore, Maxwell is completely covered and despite my nerves, he will have an extraordinarily awesome first day of school because God is in control!!! #MaxwellRocks #GoFrogs #ButGod #TeamGrateful

Dru Ealons is a wife, mother, and media personality. A former Obama Administration official, Dru blogs about relationships, politics, current affairs and much more. Follow her blog at


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