31 Day Proverbs Challenge – Truly Blessed Me

At the beginning of July, I accepted the challenge by a dear friend of mine to read the book of Proverbs for the month of July.  Otherwise called, 31 Day Proverbs Challenge.

I’m grateful I accepted the challenge because it brought me to chapters and verses of Proverbs I’ve either never read or didn’t commit to my heart. This was a refreshing journey that renewed my love of God’s Word and my desire to get greater understanding.  I looked forward to meeting God in the mornings to read Proverbs and meditate on how I can live the words I’ve read.  I’m sure I will start another devotional and as always I will walk away feeling renewed by His word.  However, this time, there is something different within me.  And it is my hope that it is lasting and put in to action.   #LivingWord #TeamGrateful

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