Political Pearls


Now you are outraged and disgusted by #ThatMan, your leader, your nominee?!  Seriously?!  You can keep your FAUX outrage and shove it! You created the space for someone like him to rise to the level of nominee for the President of the United States.  Therefore, you should continue to proudly and boldly support and stand with him.

Here’s why I see this as nothing but a calculation to either save your elected position or salvage what is left of the GOP.

When #ThatMan lead the birther movement and continued to disrespect President Barack Obama by maintaining that he was neither born in this country nor had the intelligence to attend Harvard…YOU WERE SILENT!

When he continued to degrade and uphold the Central Five as guilty, after they were proven to be innocent and exonerated…YOU WERE SILENT!

When he said Mexicans were rapists and demeaned Judge Curiel…YOU WERE SILENT.

When he said ban all Muslims…YOU WERE SILENT.

When he said 1000s of Muslims were celebrating on rooftops after 9/11…YOU WERE SILENT.

When he made derogatory remarks about Carly Fiorina, Miss Universe Alicia Machado, Rosie O’Odonnell, Megyn Kelly …YOU WERE SILENT.

When he said women who had abortions should be punished by law…YOU WERE SILENT.

When he said black folks were lazy…YOU WERE SILENT.

When his ex-wife said he raped her…YOU WERE SILENT.

So why in the world are you upset NOW?!  As Senator Tim Kaine so eloquently said during the #VPDebate “Out of the mouth, speaks the heart” he perfectly defined your nominee and cemented that there is no way #ThatMan would change because he is telling us every day just who he truly is and what he believes. He’s the same man he’s always been.  He is RACIST, SEXIST, Misogynistic, Xenophobic, Pervert, who has no regard for women, or anyone who doesn’t look like him or not part of his family. He is a deplorable human being and everything he is, you own it, GOP.  You are deplorable. He’s your creation.  Now deal with it!

Keep your indignation and your faux outrage!  Continue to support him and his ways…you can’t have it both ways. You were fine with him being a racist and saying certain vulgar things…until the release of the tapes…yeah right!  You condoned everything before that, right? Whatever!

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