Who Will Protect My Handsome, Brilliant Son?

During this climate of heightened racially motivated incidents and folks feeling emboldened by the recent election of President-elect Donald Trump, I feel the need to repost this blog from 2015. Absolutely nothing has changed but people are feeling more boldly about the disregard of black and brown lives.

Dru Ealons

A few of the cherished pictures of my son! A few of the cherished pictures of my son!

With the recent “death by cop” news on South Carolinian Walter Scott, I am reminded of one of my previous blog posts – Black People: Let’s Stop Pointing Fingers. In that post, I focused more about starting a social media campaign to raise awareness. However, today I want to ask the question, who will protect my handsome, brilliant son? This question burns deep within about all black boys/men and girls/women.

I, like lots of mothers and fathers, feel my son is handsome and brilliant! Everywhere I go with my little guy, there are always nonstop compliments that validate his handsomeness and his brilliance, from all ethnicities. But what is painfully clear, the older my son gets the more society will fear him and believe him to be a threat, based solely on the color of his skin. His smooth…

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Republican Party: You Created Trump!

Dru Ealons

It is very interesting to note that the Republican Party is in a tizzy trying to figure out how to keep Donald J. Trump from completely destroying them! Many of my Republican friends were adamant that he wouldn’t be their nominee. They kept saying wait until the Fall when it gets closer to the primaries. They said he would flame out. They said he was a joke. Well, I guess the jokes on them! It seems as if he is at the very minimum maintaining his lead. Now, they want to do something to take him down. Oh well Republicans, you are the blame as you created Trump or any other racist, misogynist, xenophobic presidential candidate.

For years, mainstream Republicans have said things with “a wink and a nod” that were veiled in racism and sexism. Some of the policies promoted like voter ID laws, going after Planned Parenthood are…

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