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Monday Motivation: Mochapreneurs Rock!

Today was awesome!  Simply magnificent. I was joined today by my business partner, Melissa and her beautiful daughter.  Melissa and I are working to put the final touches on the launch of the consulting firm and executing strategies for the clients we already have...yes, we have clients and haven't officially launched yet!  Ain't God Good!… Continue reading Monday Motivation: Mochapreneurs Rock!


My Top 4 #MommyHappyHour Moments!

I love my child.  Every day, I praise God for a healthy, brilliant, handsome and fun-tastic man child.  However, every now and again, Mommy needs a break! If you are a mom, you feel me…right?  While on this journey of motherhood, I have realized there are moments, ranging from 30 to 60 mins (sometimes longer,… Continue reading My Top 4 #MommyHappyHour Moments!