My Top 4 #MommyHappyHour Moments!

I love my child.  Every day, I praise God for a healthy, brilliant, handsome and fun-tastic man child.  However, every now and again, Mommy needs a break! If you are a mom, you feel me…right?  While on this journey of motherhood, I have realized there are moments, ranging from 30 to 60 mins (sometimes longer, when applicable) that I call #MommyHappyHour.  Now my friends without children laugh at what I consider happy hour, but my mommy friends totally get it.

On my #MommyHappyHour errand run! Blogalicious 2012 Shirt.

My list of what I’ve found to be #MommyHappyHour aren’t unique to me nor does it include every creative moment that I’m sure other moms could add.  So please, feel free to add yours in the comments section, I’d love to include them in this post.  Be sure to leave your name so that I can properly credit you.

Oh, and one more thing, I do not want you to read this list and think I do not enjoy tasty cocktails at some of DC’s coolest happy hour spots!  I definitely have my favorite spots around town and will gladly share them with you at a later date.  But these are nuggets of opportunities I get to take and brings me the greatest joy and peace.

Ok, here goes my top  #MommyHappyHour moments!

  1. The Magic Early Hour – 4:30am to 5:30am: Most weekday mornings I wake up at 4:30am to read, meditate and/or enjoy my cup of coffee. This helps provide peace to what will soon be a hectic morning. Why so early, because my son has to be up around 5:30am to get his chores done, eat breakfast and prepare for school.  While this means for an early morning, it is pure heaven and definitely my #MommyHappyHour.  One caveat, Friday mornings I usually don’t make this 4:30am wake up time during Scandal season…just saying!
  2. The Magic Late Hour – 8:30pm to 9:30pm: Yes, I know 8:30pm is not late. However, for this mom it’s late when you are usually up by 4:30am.  I bet most moms will agree with me about the 8:30pm to 9:30pm hour because if you are together enough to get your child(ren) in the bed on time, you can have a moment of peace (I don’t always make this happen).  Sometimes after the nighttime/bedtime routine, you can grab that glass of wine, grab your favorite magazine or watch your favorite show.  Ahhh, yes…great time before I go to bed!!!
  3. Target/Grocery Store Runs: Now this is when my girlfriends without children really look at me sideways. They can understand the first two, but going to Target or the Grocery store is happy hour?  Indeed it is!!!  I’m not necessarily talking about when you are on your weekly or monthly run, but if you can manage those child free, it is still blissful!  But, I’m talking about when the hubby is at the house, and I say to him “hey, I need to pick something up from the store real quick”.  Sometimes, this can truly be an item I forgot and really need then, but most times it is something that could wait.  And to really make it #MommyHappyHour, sometimes I will put on a blinged out t-shirt, cute jeans, cute shoes and lips gloss…to feel really cute.  However, to dress up is not required, just getting out the house to be with my own thoughts and to move at my own pace!
  4. Running Errands: Whenever I get the opportunity to run an errand without my little guy, I am very excited and it makes this Mommy really happy! Just like the Target/Grocery Store runs, sometimes I dress a little jazzy.

There you have it, my four #MommyHappyHour moments.  Whether you are a single or married mom, we all find those nuggets of times that we consider a #MommyHappyHour.  It’s not fancy, it’s not cute, but it is sweet and peaceful.  Most of all it makes mommy happy!  Don’t forget to share with me your #MommyHappyHour moments.  I can’t wait to hear them and add them to my list.

One thought on “My Top 4 #MommyHappyHour Moments!

  1. When she has a sleepover! I also enjoyed a workout before picking her up from after school care at the YMCA…two birds one stone!
    Clarissa Reese


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