Political Pearls

Here’s my #politicalpearl to Senator McCain: Stop Complaining and Start Legislating!

Hold up, Senator McCain. Aren’t you one of the senators during Secretary Chuck Hagel’s confirmation process stating that he wasn’t up for the job as Secretary of Defense and that he’s not qualified for the job? You are the one who called him a friend and in the same breath disparaged his ability and competence to serve…with friends like these! But now you are singing his praises and commenting on how he visited you because of his frustrations. Are you serious? I’m so glad someone from the White House pulled your old tweets, because it seems like you have forgotten what you’ve said a little over one year ago. Just because you can’t remember, doesn’t mean that we have forgotten. Here’s my #politicalpearl for you: Senator McCain, you did not win the presidency. You are in fact US Senator whose job it is to legislate, please focus on your job. Maybe, just maybe you can get your republican colleagues together to pass a few bills, like Immigration Reform and economic/jobs bill. And maybe, this year instead of a continuing resolution, you can actually establish a budget for the federal government. That’s a start. What America needs right now, more than a complaining senator, is a legislating senator!

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