Black People: Let’s Stop Pointing Fingers!

My heart is so very heavy. As I’m watching things unfold in #Ferguson and reading all the social media posts, the intensity to do something grows stronger. For now, I am reposting this entry as it is still relevant in this moment.

Dru Ealons

IMG_4380A black male is killed every 28 hours in this country by police or vigilantes, according to a recent study by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. So many black males have lost their lives due to laws, such as “Stand Your Ground”, black on black crime, or at the hands of police officers whose primary duty is to protect and serve.  In fact, in the past month, Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO), Eric Garner (Staten Island, NY), John Crawford (OH), Ezell Ford (Los Angeles) and Dante Parker (CA) by white police officers…and many more whose names we do not know.

The truth of the matter is, I know as the mother of a black male, it doesn’t matter how much we have invested in his upbringing, his education, his environment and his experiences due to implicit or explicit biases, he will be viewed as a threat as he enters manhood.  It…

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