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President Obama’s #2ndTermSwag – Lame Duck, Who?

Tonight, President Obama delivers his 6th State of the Union, which happens to be the 6th anniversary of when he took his first oath of office.  And as we can see from the last few weeks of the slow leaks of what’s to come in his speech and domestic agenda, it is quite clear he does not intend to be a lame duck during his last two years.  This is what I call 2nd Term Swag.


I’m looking forward to a more clear, concise and steadfast in principle President Obama.  It is evident he’s not concerned with what “may” pass congress, but what his vision is that will best improve the lives of the American people.  Let’s think about this for a moment. The announcement of free tuition for two years at community college and proposed tax plans alone are game changers! We can debate on whether many of these things we will hear tonight will ever see the light of day in this conservative congress, however we must agree he’s not wavering on his principles for moving America forward.  Especially, helping the middle class regain the stability needed to leave a legacy to our children.

I believe tonight, we will hear the President speak firmly on his commitment to helping the American people.  And what we need to do, is work to make sure his words and vision become a reality.  Instead of sitting back on our laurels wondering if congress will act…we must act. We have to agitate, lobby, and change the conversation in congress to help them focus on what’s really important.  Why, you ask? One thing that all elected officials have in common, is the desire to be re-elected. And while, President Obama’s speech also falls on the 5th anniversary the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, we must remember it is still votes, the people, who elect candidates.  This doesn’t mean that money does not play a pivotal role in politics, it just means we have to work even harder to make sure that we remind elected officials how they get in and remain in office…by votes by real people!

Therefore, I’m looking forward to the #2ndTermSwag that follows the President’s State of the Union remarks.  Not only from President Obama, but I expect “we the people” to flex our #2ndTermSwag to improve our lives…and move America forward.  I will be watching with great anticipation and excitement.  Will you?  #PoliticalPearl #2ndTermSwag

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