Political Pearls

He Did That: President Obama’s SOTU Address Was Pitch Perfect!

Photo credit: The Guardian
Photo credit: The Guardian

My earlier post talked about expecting the President to come strong during his State of the Union Address…something I’ve coined as #2ndTermSwag.  Well, he did that and more!  As everyone has said throughout social media, the comment of the night was “I have no more campaigns to run.  I know because I won both of them”!  That was the swag that literally exploded throughout the chamber.

The President was confident, strong and steadfast in his vision for our country.  From middle class tax cuts, to health insurance, to foreign policy, to women equality,

to voting rights, to Ferguson and NY. He spoke to everything that is on the hearts and minds of all Americans.  And while the TV pundits and everyone else who has a social media account will pontificate on whether he can get anything passed through this Congress, we must be reminded that as citizens we also have a responsibility to advocate on our behalf. No matter the amount of money a candidate is able to raise, they can only be elected by people who vote.  To that end, “we the people” need to get our own #2ndTermSwag and agitate congress around those policies that benefits us…and not allow those that give them loads of money drive the conversation and the policy. And if they don’t respond in a way that benefit us, then we need to vote them out!

Of course, this is simply a speech that provides an overview of policy.  But what I’m most impressed with is the swagger that came with the speech. We shall debate the policy but you can’t deny the fact that he was firm and he’s not looking to be a lame duck President.  He’s ready to work and not resolve that he nor his presidency is no longer relevant! Well done, Mr. President!  You did that! #PoliticalPearl #2ndTermSwag

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