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Dear Republicans: Here’s your mandate, Pass Legislation!

Dear Republicans,

While the Democrats lost the election this cycle, it doesn’t mean you have a mandate on your policies.  In my opinion, the Democrats lost because they ran away from being Democrats and embracing their true ideals of what it means to be a liberal.  As Al Sharpton said on MSNBC “you have to turn voters on to turn them out” and honestly, the democrats didn’t do that. However, many of the liberal ideals that were on the ballots won, like minimum wage increase, abortion rights and more.  So, Republicans while you may have won the Senate and garnered more seats in the House, liberal policies are still the undercurrent that swept the election as well.  So you see, you don’t have a mandate to continue not working with President Obama or not to legislate.

Your mandate is to get to work.  Stop being the party of no. Don’t let this 114th US Congress be deemed the “Do Nothing Congress” one more year.  There is so much that should be done: 1) Pass a Budget; 2) Pass a Jobs Bill; 3) Pass Immigration Reform (It’s been waiting over 513 days) and more.  Can we leave behind the lawsuits, the frivolous investigations and anything else that is simply for political theater?  I mean, the country just can’t take one more year, one more minute of you bringing up legislation to Repeal Obamacare, which is settled law and now that people have it, don’t want to give it up.  Or, what about suing the President over postponing part of the Affordable Care Act that you said should be done in the first place? Oh, and what about the Benghazi investigation that by your own final synopsis the Obama Administration didn’t do anything malicious or intentional to mislead the American people.  And finally, stop the threats and calm down the crazy talk around the President’s executive action to do something on immigration due to your very own inaction.  You know very well he has the authority and you were quite ok with President Reagan and President Bush (41) when they acted on immigration due to a lack of action in congress.

Screenshot from 11/21/2014 NewsOneNow w/Roland S. Martin show.

So, here’s your mandate in a nutshell.  Three short words that President Obama said Thursday night “Pass a Bill”.  I said yesterday on TV One’s NewsOne Now with Roland S. Martin show that “If you were smart, you would pass a bill and dare the President to sign it”.  However, with the recent Obamacare lawsuit levied and the sustained crazy talk around impeachment/legal ramification due to the President’s executive action on immigration, I’m sad to say it’s not looking like you are going to follow the smart route.  Instead, it feels as if we will see more of the same…the elephant being wagged by its tail. And that, my Republican friends will not move the country forward. #StayClassy #PoliticalPearl

With kind regards,


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