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5 Quick Takeaways from Blogalicious!

Photo credits:  Shirt from beblogalicious.com; photography by Maxwell, my 6 year old son!
Photo credits: Shirt from Blogalicious; photography by Maxwell, my 6 year old son!

Being a newbie to the blogging world, I was profoundly inspired by the speakers and the blogging community that attended Blogalicious, affectionately known as #BeGreatB6! These women and a few good men have made a dynamic impact on my journey as a professional blogger. For me to call myself a “professional blogger” is a big deal and I garnered the courage to give myself this title from being in the presence of such an awesome community of bloggers.

While I’m still digesting all that was poured into me, here are a few pearls of wisdom I’m able to share:


  1. Meditation is essential. Many of the highly successful presenters all had one thing in common…meditation. They all credit meditation as a way to focus on tasks ahead and clarity of their vision. Mario Armstrong recommended the app, calm.com. Also, Harriett Cole provided beautiful nuggets of wisdom to help us “Leap into Greatness!” and I purchased her book “108 Stiches: Words We Live By”. Both have been mind-freeing and enlightening!
  2. Its’ All In the name! As bloggers, we need to stop telling people we are “just” bloggers, but recognize that we are Media Companies! That was powerful for me. I often found myself saying “oh, I’m just a blogger”, especially after leaving such a powerful position. From this, I’m going to update my LinkedIn account and bio to include that I’m a professional blogger and CEO of my brand!!!
  3. Update my To Do List game. My life has changed since attending #BeGreatB6 from the introduction of these two apps alone: Evernote and Wunderlist. I am already feeling better organized and have the full ability to accomplish all my tasks at hand!
  4. Make My Blog and Brand a Priority. I received so many encouraging words and steps to prioritize my life to take my brand and blog seriously. With all the things I need to accomplish during my day, I need to set aside time to really focus on both as a business. Because my brand and blog are my business!
  5. The Blogging Community is SO GENEROUS! Especially the Blogalicious community. Not only were the program speakers incredible and willing to share their insights, I feel that everyone I met at the conference were equally willing to share. There was a wealth of information flowing from the stage, podium and the audience.

Kudos to Stacey Ferguson and the entire Blogalicious family for hosting such a fantabulous conference. In fact, I can’t call this a conference. It was an experience. One that I will never forget and will always cherish. I can’t wait until next year!!!

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