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Celebrating Sisterhood: 18 Years of an Unbreakable Bond!

On this day, 18 years ago I gained 25 exquisitely awesome sisters! How you ask? On November 10, 1996, I was initiated into the world’s greatest sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I’m sure my friends in other sororities my not agree with me that my sorority is the greatest, however, I have no doubt they understand the overwhelming gratitude one can have for the sisterly bond that is shared amongst line sisters.

GroupExquisite2Not only am I grateful for the beautiful women who were initiated along with me, I’m also thankful for the women who guided us through our initiation process. The members who were in our undergrad chapter, Iota Phi and those in our sponsoring graduate chapter, Omicron Omega are extraordinary women and I’m eternally grateful for our connection.

This unbreakable bond, between me, my 25 line sisters and sorors I’ve met along the way has been a source of strength since that day in 1996. Through the marriages, baby showers, breakups, divorces, health scares and health victories, I have no doubt we are all connected with a divine purpose and our sisterhood is everlasting. While, I may be closer to some sorors or speak with others more, I’m still very connected to all 25 of my line sisters.

This bond called sisterhood, especially in the wake of reality TV, is one that should be celebrated and displayed more. I understand that currently, society is intrigued by the aggressive behavior of women…fighting, spitting, cursing; but women are very capable of supporting, loving, and caring for one another. So today, I honor my line sisters for all of the triumphs and the trials! For the strong, bold women you have become. For the journeys you have traveled and for the journeys yet traveled. You are amazing women and I pray that you will continue to recognize the power within! I’m humbled that God placed us together and we are definitely the EQUISITE 26! #TeamGrateful #ThereIsACode #AKAversary

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