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African Americans: Your vote is valuable, but not enough!

Vote_picWe are seven short days away from Election Day…November 4th!  So far, there have been reports from states like Georgia that African Americans are already showing signs they are coming out to vote. This is a very positive sign and hopefully continue to solidify the value of our vote. It is quite obvious that Republicans understand the value of our vote, which is why they have tried so hard in states like NC, WI, PA and others to place road blocks (poll taxes) in our way to keep us from the polls. And because of that, we need to piss them off, come out in large numbers and vote!

It is maddening and disappointing that instead of supporting and/or establishing policies that the African American community would find favorable and actively seek our vote, they find it easier to keep us from the voting booth. But, as a Southern Belle, from Birmingham, Alabama, I don’t mind the Republicans showing their true colors. It’s better to know where you stand and who you stand with, the furthest right of your party, so that I cannot be mistaken when voting. Besides, I haven’t seen our Republicans friends share with African Americans or anyone for that matter what they stand for…only what they are against. Bless their hearts!

However, while it is imperative that African Americans show up in 2014 like we did in 2012, we can’t stop there. We have to remain consistent each year by coming out in large numbers and we must do more once candidates are in office. Whether you voted for the person who is elected to represent you or if you voted for their opponent, both Republicans and Democrats (Independents as well) should hear from us about our issues consistently. I have friends who say that voting doesn’t matter if you don’t have money and/or lobbyist working on your behalf. Yes, money is key during an election, but advocacy…being a squeaky wheel, being united behind policies that impact our children’s education, jobs, protection of our girls and boys, and our health with the elected officials makes a huge difference as well. The Tea Party republicans are receiving so much love from the Republicans because it is believed that they will show up at the voting polls as a coalition. The Koch brothers and other conservative millionaires/billionaires fund the rightest wing republicans because it is believed they have voters that will show up if motivated. That way, the millionaires/billionaires and corporations will get what they want and the candidate insures that they can keep being elected by motivating their coalition. Which most times doesn’t benefit those that are in the Tea Party movement.

As African Americans, we need to remain consistent in voting and we must get more i-voted-stickerengaged in the role of being our own lobbyist, our own coalition to insure that what best helps our community is getting done. We cannot rest. We must keep voting. We must keep marching. We must hold those in office accountable to our community. So yes, let’s piss off the Republicans and come out to vote in big, strong numbers! In my humble opinion, the Democrats have benefitted from our votes for many years. We must now hold their feet to the fire and require results from our votes. Our votes are valuable, but simply voting is not enough…we’ve got to do more! #politicalpearl

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