Political Pearls

If ever there was a time to be the “UNITED” States of America…

I completely understand that we are in the midst of election season.  It’s important for candidates to draw contrast between each other.  However, President Barack Obama is NOT on the ballot.  Yes, perhaps the policies he supports and manage to get through have been supported by many of the democrats that are on the ballot, but the President himself is not.

To that end, with the sustained threat of ISIL, the continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine, the tragedy of Ebola in West Africa and so many other pressing matters, this is the time more than ever that we need to be the UNITED States of America.  Yes, if the President is derelict in his duty, we should call him to the carpet, however this is simply not the case.  But right now, our Republican friends have displayed themselves as “complainers” without offering any substantive alternatives…and if they do offer something, and the President acts on it, they complain about that too.  Seriously!?!

For example, the republicans tell the President we need an #Ebola Czar.  He responds, appoints Ron Klain and the Republicans (and some democrats) lost their minds!  If they had just voted on the Surgeon General nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy, we would have a Czar already.  But I digress. The point I’m making is this.  So many of our “friends” on the right are so busy trying to get elected, spewing political rhetoric and not to mention LIES (i.e. ISIS members are crossing the Mexican border), they seem not to care their actions aren’t helpful.  They are divisive, unproductive, undermining and in my humble opinion, downright Un-American. With friends like these…

Our country is much stronger when we stand together during a crisis. As the American family we can overcome anything when we are united.  Let’s search our souls and recognize no matter what political theology we represent, whether we are from a Red State or a Blue State…we are the UNITED States! #StrongerTogether #PoliticalPearl

Traditionally Modern ~ That’s My Point of View

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