Thank God It’s Monday – TGIM

It’s all about perspective. Many of us dread Mondays, but are more than thankful for Fridays. We even rush the week just to get to Friday! It’s the weekend, baby!  Is what I hear lots of my friends say. But, I don’t know about you, but my weekends are so incredibly busy…soccer, tennis, rehearsals, birthday parties, you name it, its on our calendar! However, I see Mondays as a new beginning. Another opportunity to get it right!  You see, I believe that if you start off your week dreading it, then you are setting yourself up for a dreadful week. Try having a positive attitude by starting off your Mondays with a grateful heart.  Let’s expect an extraordinary week filled with blessings in overflow!  And don’t just think it, but say it will be great.  Write it will be great. I bet if you do this, you will have a much better week!  You have the power with your words and your mind to transform your life by simply adjusting your attitude to always be filled with gratitude. You will bring overwhelming joy into your life! #TeamGrateful



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