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Republicans,They Don’t Really Care About Us!

We Can Do It!Seriously. You mean to tell me that the Republicans unanimously voted to block the Paycheck Fairness Act!  At what point, ladies do we realize that they don’t really care about us.  The Republicans only want to regulate our bodies, stay pregnant, and work for less pay.  If this is not their intentions, it sure looks like it.  Republicans, you must know that your action speak louder than your words.  And for all the lip service you give around the party’s care and concern for women issues, you have failed to offer any alternatives and have collectively legislated against us.

Ladies, let’s take a stand and vote these jokers out this November!  There is no way they should be allowed to represent half the US population and vote against us almost every single opportunity they can.  We have the power and to get the representation that works for us not against us. They Don’t Really Care About Us!   #politicalpearl




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