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Mondays are for Go-Getters!

Picture perfect Monday!
Picture perfect Monday!

It’s almost time for me to shut everything down for the night. I rarely post anything on my blog at this hour. In fact, I may have written a blog post but never posted until the next day.  However, I couldn’t let this day rest without sharing what an impactful Monday I experienced. It all started with a picture my best friend posted on Facebook this morning…Mondays belong to the Go-Getters.  This picture not only reminded me of a blog I posted almost a year ago, Thank God It’s Monday – TGIM, it also set the tone for the rest of my day and for the entire week.

As I wrote, in my TGIM post, we should start our week with a grateful heart. However, as I am launching a new consulting firm, improving my personal brand and taking better care of my health, this motivated me to go the extra mile today.  To move forward and be intentional in accomplishing my goals.  As a result: 1) I had a very productive strategy meeting with my team; 2) I knocked off everything on my to do list 3) I worked it out during my first Soul Cycle; 4) Made the bomb peach strawberry vinaigrette; and now 5) ending my day with a blog post.

Of course I didn’t mention all of the wonderful blessings that came my way today.  Some were small and others were HUGE!  Nor did I mention all the steps it took to be wife, mom, Mocha Mom chapter president, friend, sorority sister, mentor, mentee…yes, you get the picture.  Today was awesome and I received a tremendous amount of satisfaction in accomplishing both personal and professional goals. I am ready for tomorrow and I’m glad I took the challenge to by a Go-Getter today!  How about you? Now, about that Soul Cycle class…why all of my muscles hurt!?!?  LOL!!! #TeamGrateful

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