Appreciate the Little Things!

Yesterday morning I woke up with an overflowing grateful heart determined to focus on the little things, or better the “little” blessings.  As I’m writing this, I am laughing to myself that I have the audacity to size up any blessings that God bestows upon me.  However, I recognize that is how the world operates, we measure things.  More on that in another post.

At any rate, I excitedly posted to Facebook with the proclamation of God’s goodness and how He blessed me with clarity of mind.  The ability to see what I need to accomplish that day as it relates to my consulting business and my personal brand.  I raved about about those crucial, yet “little” steps that helped me accomplish the goal I had set for the day.

And then, someone posted in the comments, Congratulations!  Wow!  I know you are thinking, what’s the big deal.  Well in that instance, right after I proclaimed the goodness of God for clarity of mind, I also thought why is this person congratulating me for the small steps that I just posted.  The it hit me. I was too focused on what I consider the bigger blessing, clarity of my mind, and not recognizing that each step that was revealed to me and the fact that I completed each one of them, is worth a congratulatory recognition or better an opportunity to praise God.

The steps (little things, little blessings) that were revealed to me through clarity of mind (big blessing) were just as important to give God glory.  In life’s journey, we should take time to appreciate the little things because they make the big things possible or are a result of the bigger blessing that God has for you.  When we appreciate the little things, it is much easier to live life gratefully.  And if we are ever challenged or reach a stumbling block, those little blessings can be a greater blessing to help you overcome anything that is thrown you way.  #TeamGrateful

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