Political Pearls

Don’t Sleep on Gov. John Kasich!

I’ve taken a couple of days to reflect on and digest the #GOPDebate.  In my reflection, as I weeded through the comedy of Trump and some of the other cast of characters on that stage, one person proved to be one to watch, Gov. John Kasich.  While presidential candidate Carly Fiorina had a good showing during the undercard (#KidsTableDebate), Gov. Kasich impressed me most because in his answers he reminded me of what I thought a “Compassionate Conservative” is supposed to be.

Gov. Kasich’s answers on #gaymarriage and the Medicaid expansion through the Affordable Care Act were not only strong but reasonable.  As OH Governor, after the murder of #TamirRice, he signed an executive order to standardize police practices and create more transparency, diversity in police departments. While, it is up for some serious debate of rather Gov. Kasich’s overall policies actually benefit African American Ohioans, let’s not forget he received 26% of the black vote in 2014 for his re-election.  All of these things coupled with his performance during Thursday’s #GOPDebate makes him one to watch throughout the 2016 presidential cycle.

Democrats, beware of Gov. John Kasich.  Let’s not sleep on his compassionate conservatism rhetoric and his ability to garner double digit African American votes.  Here’s the catch…I’m not sure he can get through the Republican primary, especially if this is the same party that has Donald Trump leading in their polls.  Yet, we shall not sleep on Gov. Kasich. #PoliticalPearls

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