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The Biggest Loser of the #GOPDebate – Black America

For the GOP Debate to be hosted in the Cleveland, the very city where #TamirRice was murdered and the state where #SamDuBose and #JohnCrawford were murdered and only one question about police killings of unarmed American citizens is insulting and proves exactly what this country thinks about Black People.  Or, at the very least, it shows the total disregard by Fox News and the GOP.  For them #BlackLivesDONTMatter

I’m really not that surprised when you have candidates like Dr. Ben Carson who call the #BlackLivesMatter movement silly…yep, the only black man running for president does not regard the importance of the movement.  And the one question that was lobbed to the Gov. Walker about police brutality yielded a less than mediocre response by him.  His lame response around “training” and “honoring” those that do right fell flat. And for me, unacceptable!  I mean they didn’t even mention the names of those murdered in the state of that the #GOPDebate was held.

Further, no mention about Voting Rights.  On this day, the day of the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, during the #GOPDebate there was no mention of it at all.  In fact, there was hardly any social justice or civil rights for Black People asked beyond the one question.  One question on education, but it centered around Common Core and not the inequity of the educational system or about reform. No question around incarceration reform, justice reform or economic opportunities.  It looks like the editorial written by Corey Ealons was correct, when he penned what we wouldn’t hear during the debate.  I was trying to be optimistic but clearly that was a mistake.  I knew exactly what to expect from this crew of characters of the #GOPDebate – NOTHING that speaks to Black People and our concerns.

To be clear. When you don’t address the concerns of Black America you not only do a disservice to Black People but the entire country. #BlackLivesMatter

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