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Ben Carson + Rap Ad = ZERO

I am pissed. Insulted. Exasperated. Horrified. Totally outdone.  The audacity of Dr. Ben Carson to either be used or allowed himself and black people to be made a mockery of during this presidential campaign by making a trifling, low budget rap ad is a new low, even for him.  I just can’t comprehend through all… Continue reading Ben Carson + Rap Ad = ZERO

Political Pearls

Don’t Sleep on Gov. John Kasich!

I’ve taken a couple of days to reflect on and digest the #GOPDebate.  In my reflection, as I weeded through the comedy of Trump and some of the other cast of characters on that stage, one person proved to be one to watch, Gov. John Kasich.  While presidential candidate Carly Fiorina had a good showing… Continue reading Don’t Sleep on Gov. John Kasich!