I’m Grateful for My Facial Lines!

I’m sure you are thinking this title is crazy.  Who in their right mind, especially a woman, would be thankful for the lines, creases or wrinkles on their face? For me it is quite simple.  Each and every line under my eyes, on the sides of my mouth and the creases in my forehead represents… Continue reading I’m Grateful for My Facial Lines!


Your Mind in 2016 – New Year, Renewed Mind!

A couple of weeks ago I posted this message on my Facebook page and thought it was worth sharing again on my blog.  In 2016, my hope is to have a renewed mind.  In fact, I’m asking all of those that are reading this post, add renewing of your mind to your new year’s resolution list.… Continue reading Your Mind in 2016 – New Year, Renewed Mind!

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Mondays are for Go-Getters!

It’s almost time for me to shut everything down for the night. I rarely post anything on my blog at this hour. In fact, I may have written a blog post but never posted until the next day.  However, I couldn’t let this day rest without sharing what an impactful Monday I experienced. It all started… Continue reading Mondays are for Go-Getters!


God Continues to See the Best In Me!

“He saw the best in me. When every else around could only see the worse in me” ~ Marvin Sapp, The Best in Me This song always touches the depth of my spirit.  While I try every day to be the very best God has called me to be, sometimes I fail.  And in spite… Continue reading God Continues to See the Best In Me!


In Sickness, I’m Still Grateful

The past few days I have been very sick with some combination of cold/sinus.  I've taken all types of medicine, been up all night with coughing fits and rested throughout the day.  At first, I was upset to be so sick during the last week I had to spend with my little guy, which I… Continue reading In Sickness, I’m Still Grateful


The Journey – Conception

Everyday I look at my son, I am reminded of my journey to conceive him.  He is such a great joy in our lives...and in the lives of those he comes in contact.  His smile is infectious, his eyes carry so much hope and his spirit is overwhelmingly happy.  He is the greatest mashup of… Continue reading The Journey – Conception