Your Mind in 2016 – New Year, Renewed Mind!

New Year's resolutionsA couple of weeks ago I posted this message on my Facebook page and thought it was worth sharing again on my blog.  In 2016, my hope is to have a renewed mind.  In fact, I’m asking all of those that are reading this post, add renewing of your mind to your new year’s resolution list. For if you are intentional about acquiring and maintaining positive thoughts, I am certain you will experience the best year ever.

The bible often interchanges mind and heart. I believe this is because whatever we think in our mind also impacts our hearts. Our heart is where we love and where we hate. It’s how we show compassion or cruelty. I’m sure you’ve said this before “she’s/he’s so mean” or “they are such a loving person”. All of this comes from our minds and fills our hearts. If we have negative thoughts then we have negative behavior because our hearts out engulfed with negativity. If we have positive thoughts then we have positive behaviors because our hearts are engulfed with positivity. See how this works. What we think impacts our behavior. Our behavior comes from our hearts. Sometimes, if a person has been repeatedly been beaten down with negative words, the negativity impacts the mind and that person begins to have negative attitude toward themselves and others. Either way what we say and what we think in many cases can be equally important.

Having a positive mindset is another key to living life gratefully. We must be careful of what we allow into our hearing/seeing as it will impact and effect our minds. Or what I like to say it will infect our minds. If you took account over the last two weeks what all your mind absorbed and/or what you’ve been thinking/wrestling with in your minds, what percentage would you say is positive and negative? And then, think about how you felt on the days when your minds and hearts were overwhelmed with positive or negative energy? Or even sadness.

The mind is powerful! Whatever is in your mind affects how you speak and how you act. Therefore it is important, if we want to live life gratefully in 2016, to be sure we intentionally infuse our minds with positive energy. We can do this by: 1) daily prayer and meditation with God, mornings are great as it sets the tone of the day (some of us needs this more than once a day) 2) have daily inspirational message and speak them out loud (kinda like Being Mary Jane with the post it notes) 3) be careful what you allow in your minds by managing what you see (tv shows, music, reading, people) 4) read God’s Word (overwhelm your mind with His positive words) 5) if you have anyone in your crew that is negative nancy, pray for them and cut them or limit how much time you have with them (in case it’s family)! Let me clarify something. I’m not saying you can’t watch your “crap” tv or listen to your trap music or go to happy hour, Lord knows I enjoy some of these things, but is it the majority of what you take in? If so, you need a major adjustment…but TRUST no judgment on my part.

If we are all thinking and speaking positively, how powerful our energy would be in impacting the environment around us. We can accomplish a beautiful positive butterfly affect that could extend far beyond anything we can imagine! Let’s be intentional about making this happen in our lives and in the lives of others in 2016. Be blessed! ‪#‎TeamGrateful ‪#‎LivingLifeGratefully


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