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Why I’m Not Excited about tonight’s State of the Union

Obama Family

This will be a very short post.  I am not excited about President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address tonight because I will have to admit it is his last one and his term is almost over.  I know it is 2016 and that a presidential election is in full effect, but that doesn’t mean I’ve come to grips with the fact he’s not going to be serving in this role anymore.  The Obamas will be leaving the White House in January 2017.   They are the real life version of what The Cosby Show so many years ago attempted to show black people and America…that black people are capable of having successful careers and a loving family.  On a lighter note, I just don’t see how any of the 2016 presidential candidates will be able to bring the amount of swagger to the office as President Obama.  I mean, which of the candidates do you believe would use the term “pop off” in a press conference?

I am going to miss the Obamas and everything they represent for the African American community and the entire country.  It has been a complete joy to see the President and First Lady display so much affection and trust for one another and their family.  They are a beautiful representation of black America and the fact that they represent the United States makes my heart smile.

So forgive me as I’m having a moment. It was an honor for me and my husband to serve President Obama in his administration, but it has been a complete joy to watch him lead this country out of a recession, work to insure that all have access to healthcare, bring down unemployment to 5%, and so much more I could mention as it relates to policy, that will be another post.

As I watch my president deliver his final State of the Union address, I will likely have tears in my eyes much like I did November 4, 2008 in Chicago’s Grant Park. Those tears will be for the pride I have for his leadership and what he represent coupled with my sadness that I will have to accept it is his final one.

The Obamas will be missed…

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