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As many of know, over 2.5 years ago I left the Obama Administration to focus on being a better wife and mommy.  Since then, I’ve launched my blog and a consulting firm.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to appear on national TV, radio and several speaking engagements.  This has been an extraordinarily fulfilling time in my life. So, I wanted to share with you my top 10 reasons why being an entrepreneurial mom rocks!

  1. Family

The number one reason for being a mompreneur is my family!  When I left my presidential appointment in the Obama Administration, yes I was just like every other over worked appointee who was driven by the hope and honor to serve.  However, as a wife and mom, I felt as if I wasn’t being the very best I could be for my husband and son…nor was I being the best I could be to me! Being a mompreneur gives me the opportunity to be fully present when I’m with my family and I wouldn’t trade this moment for the world!

  1. Setting Your Own Schedule – Being the LADY BOSS!

The ability to set my own schedule and having my clients work within those dedicated times is BOSS!  Exactly how a Lady Boss should handle her business.  My Office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays 10 am until 4pm, and Fridays 8:30 until 12:30.  Mondays are reserved for my administrative days, but if I must take calls, I stay within the 2pm to 4pm time frame. And Wednesdays are my off days.  I spend that time with my fellow Mocha Moms and taking care of any personal things I need to accomplish. These time frames reserve time for me to also take care of my wife and mommy duties without regrets or stress.  I do my best to honor those times because it also allows me to have a moment to shut down from work and transition.

  1. Freedom to choose who to work with:

Now this is GOLDEN!  I choose my clients, my partners and other collaborators.  Because I am the CEO or better the BOSS, I call the shots of who to allow in my business and that’s a great place to be.  When you work for someone else, you are under their guidelines and are forced to work with whomever they have hired.

  1. Mobile work space

Who knew having a different work space weekly and some times daily would be so incredibly awesome!  I just love the idea of working at different Starbucks and co-working spaces.  It really increases my creativity, innovation and brings me complete joy!

  1. Create your own opportunities and design your own destiny

This is connected to number 3, freedom to choose with whom you work.  When you have laid out your business to include the products and services you provide, you also get to decide the prototype of your potential clients. You create and design your future that will leave a lasting legacy for your family.

  1. Change the mindset of your family

Since I’ve been running my own blog and now my consulting firm, my family has been bitten with the entrepreneur bug.  Specifically, my seven year old son has weekly conversations with me about potential business opportunities he would like to seize.  I’ve had him go through SWAT analysis for each idea so that he can determine if he’s making good decision and should move forward.  This also helps him to garner the necessary critical thinking skills he will need to be successful no matter what he decides to do.

  1. Use your multitasking skills to solving problems

As a mom, we juggle a LOT.  And most times we are flawless and sometimes we are not.  However, most of us are gifted with the skill to multitask.  The critical thinking and logistical skills needed to manage a family are exactly the skills you need to run your business and solve problems for your clients.  Therefore, we are uniquely designed to earn loads of money because we have the natural talent to get things done!!!  Even with a million things thrown at us, we can juggle very well.

  1. Provide opportunities for others

When you get to the point that you can hire another person and in my case another mom, File_000 (2)it is an overwhelming feeling.  My business is growing and I needed a chief operations officer to keep all the trains on the track and to help us continue to grow!  I am honored to have the opportunity to empower another mom.  Being blessed with a client that needed several moving parts, I am also able to provide opportunities through sub-contracting.  Again, helping others to build their empires and realize their dreams is truly an honor.

When you are a mompreneur that is intentional about her business, the ability to provide opportunities for others will come naturally and will have an everlasting reward on your life and your business.

  1. Accomplishment

At the end of each day and every week, I have a since of accomplishments.  Mostly because many of the things I’ve mentioned in this post.  Being a mompreneur allows me to take care of self, my husband and my son.

  1. Enjoy what you do!

Lastly, the 10th item on my list on why being a mompreneur rocks is I absolutely enjoy what I do!  I love the strategy, the connecting, the relationship building and the improvement of the lives of those in which we come in contact.  I am enjoying every single day of this journey and I want the same for other moms.

I’ve shared my 10 reasons why being a mompreneur rocks, I want to hear your reasons.  Please share in the comment section. #MomPreneurs #MochaPreneurs

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