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If Donald Trump, Why Not Kanye for President in 2020!

With the recent hype over Donald Trump’s announcement that he will not participate in tonight’s Fox Presidential debate and Kanye West’s recent twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa, it is quite evident that these two are somewhat cut from the same cloth.  They are both incredibly media savvy and understand how to get free advertisement.  Trump is receiving a lot of airplay on all traditional and social media outlets because of his narcissistic ways, days before the Iowa Caucuses.  West decided to use social media to dust up excitement and conversation about his soon to be released album.  And we ALL have fallen for it…journalists, citizens, politicos, music lovers, all of us!  They have gotten exactly what they wanted from us…for them to be the top of our conversation.

Beyond the fact that they both have huge egos and never fail to let the world know just how “great” they are, here’s how I’ve come to the conclusion that if Donald Trump can run for the presidency, then Kanye can surely run in 2020.  Trump has open the door to the idea that anybody, I do mean ANYBODY can run for the presidency and actually become a legitimate (I use this term lightly) candidate by garnering a large support.  Here goes my parallel and how I came to the conclusion that Kanye can run for president in 2020.

Should I wear my shirt? or nah?
Like Trump in the real estate industry, Kanye has been very successful in the music industry. West has expanded his portfolio to include a clothing line and other ventures such as the restaurant industry.  However, West has never gone through bankruptcy (from my limited research) and has understood (with help from his peeps, I’m sure) exactly when to pull out of a situation before a business venture went terribly wrong.  We all know that Trump doesn’t mind taking huge risks and filing bankruptcy to skirt any responsibility, so we will mark this as a major difference between them.  As stated earlier, both are media savvy therefore Kanye will always receive free publicity around his campaign.  The reason they are both good at gaining media attention is because they say whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.  There is nothing that holds them back from either speaking what they think you want to hear or what they feel you need to hear.  Remember during the televised Hurricane Katrina Relief fund when Kanye definitively claimed that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people”. Absolutely everything he was saying on that program, I’m sure those thoughts were running through the minds of so many Americans, especially African Americans.  By the way, I never get tired of seeing the reaction of those that were on the show with him right after he said that! #Priceless

Trump is speaking to what many within white America feel deeply.  This is something that they’ve been holding back for years and has been ever so gently stoked by the Republican Party.  Trump has now given them the freedom to feel as if it is quite okay to have offensive racist, sexist thoughts and to speak them without any regard to “PC”.  With that, when have you ever known Kanye to have a “PC” bone in his body?  Think about it, he couldn’t hold back during the VMA awards by interrupting and basically telling Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech that she really didn’t deserve the award for best video, Beyonce’ did.  I mean, that’s the kinda chutzpah America is looking for in a President, right?

Ok, my final comparison between Donald Trump and Kanye West, they’ve both have had very public failed relationships with women that have no problem in calling them out.  The main difference, Trump is on his third marriage and Kanye on his first (and hopefully only, but I digress).  Hmmm, with that said, who really has family values?

Due to the insane, yet genius run for the presidency by Donald Trump, he has actually paved the way for a legitimate run by Kanye West in 2020.  Other than West being a college dropout (which he can get a degree before 2020) the one main thing that would likely keep him from gaining the same level of prominence…he’s black.  And he doesn’t mind folks knowing that he’s black and will at the minimum identify with the struggles of being black (when he’s not off on some higher plain crap).  His blackness alone may be the one thing that may hold him back, but his celebrity will be what could possibly push him over.  I mean, we didn’t think Donald Trump would get this far, so what do I know!

Therefore, thanks to Donald Trump and the Republican Party, we just might have yet another entertaining presidential election in 2020.  And while it may be “entertaining” it is surely no laughing matter the current state of politics.  #PoliticalPearl #KanyeForPresident2020

4 thoughts on “If Donald Trump, Why Not Kanye for President in 2020!

  1. Again, you’re on point. We’ve moved beyond the information age to the marketing age. If you can get an audience, you can do whatever you like because it validates you. We need to be careful dealing with these public figures.

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