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Surely, White Churches will NOT be Silent on the #CharlestonMassacre…

Tomorrow is Sunday.  This nation’s most segregated day of the week.  However, there are a few Christian churches that are multiracial.  For the most part, the multiracial Christian churches that have black pastors will say something about current events that take place in the black community.  They will ask for prayer, moments of silence or perhaps provide a sermon that will speak to the issues.  I have found that many of the multiracial Christian churches, especially those that are majority white, are silent when horrific events like the killing of #TrayvonMartin #TamirRice #EricGarner, #MichaelBrown #DajerriaBecton and many more have occurred.  But I wonder, will they say anything from the pulpit about the terrorist attack that took place at America’s oldest African Methodist Episcopal church, Emanuel AME Church during Wednesday bible study.

Don’t take this post the wrong way. I have dear friends who attend these churches and connect with the teachings, small groups and the many wonderful community activities that these churches are doing as part of their evangelism.  Many of these churches do a lot of outreach in the black community.  That is all wonderful and I always want people to grow in their Christian walk.  I can completely understand the desire to be part of a church that is active in the community and feeding your thirst for knowledge of God’s Word. I am also not naïve that some black churches seem to have the wrong focus…prosperity preaching, and a host of scandals. But we know that not all black churches suffer from those issues. Nor are all multicultural Christian churches lead by white pastors are silent on the issues that impact the black community.

My concern is about those that are incredibly silent when these issues are all over the media.  And I don’t quite understand how black congregants can continuously attend a church that cannot recognize the issues that impact their community.  I see this as a wonderful opportunity for multicultural churches from a Christian perspective address race relations and set the foundation of healing for our nation.  You see the silence that these churches exhibit after every event that happens in the black community that makes the news perpetuates the sentiment that what is happening in these communities to these people is acceptable.  I’m not asking that they take a side on whether Tamir Rice was murdered or that the cop who killed him was in fear for his life.  I’m merely asking why not say something about the issues that are happening that clearly impact part of your congregation.  This can be as simple as acknowledging that something happened and there is segment of God’s children that are hurting. Offer up prayers for the situation and all those that are involved. The fact these churches evangelize in the black community and have a growing number of black congregants but yet stay silent around the killings of unarmed black victims or teenage black girls are being manhandled by police officers is not just perplexing it is not Christ-like.  If Joel Osteen, Paula White, Joyce Meyers and the lesser known pastors of multiracial Christian churches aren’t saying anything about this in their pulpits, then that speaks volumes to what they think of their black congregants and the black communities in which they provide a service. However, since the #CharlestonMassacre happened in a church, they just may something.  #SilenceIsAcceptance #WhiteChurchesTooSilent #DoTheyReallyCare

One thought on “Surely, White Churches will NOT be Silent on the #CharlestonMassacre…

  1. Dru, you have hit it SPOT on! I attend a church that is majority White, and sadly these events pretty much never were spoken about form the pulpit (at least with our ex-pastor). They prayed for the first responders and general issues, but NEVER was a name of any of our African brothers and sisters slain by police and wannabe cops ever mentioned. The issues our people go through were not talked about. There are those White congregationalists who “get it” and are grieved by the seemingly lack of interest in dealing with our issues. The Church should be the FIRST to respond to speak out and actively confront injustice.

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