Political Pearls

An Open Letter to Carly Fiorina, or as I call her Fibbing Fiorina!

Dear Fibbing Fiorina:

Girl, just stop. Please stop lying.  Your credibility is going down the drain fast.  Yes, I know there are right wing nut bags that will grab hold of your lies about Planned Parenthood harvesting live fetuses for their intact organs, but you really don’t have to lie about seeing a non-existent video that proves this happens.  I mean, you go into graphic details about how you watched this horrific ordeal take place…but yet, you have not been able to produce said video.  Why, because it doesn’t exist.  And instead of you just sticking to the regular Republican talking points about Planned Parenthood, you just had to take it several steps further and LIE.

Yes, addressing you as a fibber is nicer than calling you a liar. And it would be very nice of me to stick with the use of the term fib throughout this letter. However, honestly fibbing is too nice of a term to use and doesn’t adequately describe your actions.  To fib is to tell an unimportant lie. It is the term we use with children when they are telling little unimportant truths to get out of trouble.  But you, my friend, are telling bold face lies.  Lies about your career path (or you have embellished, whatever still a lie) and lies about a Planned Parent video.  So, yes I could have used the nicer term as fib throughout my letter, instead I chose to be more straigtforward with you. Just like you are when speaking about Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Don’t you call her a liar?

Yes, yes…that’s it.  You feel free to call Secretary Clinton a liar as it relates to the emails, Benghazi or anything else that is on the Republican talking points list.  But, Ms. Fiorina, how can you expect us to believe you about Secretary Clinton, when you can’t seem to find the truth yourself?!

white pearl with shadow on white background
Political Pearl for Fibbing Fiorina.

Here’s my #politicalpearl for you.  You don’t have to lie to prove your point. We know you don’t think Planned Parenthood is a great organization and you think women aren’t capable to make decisions about their bodies as it relates to abortion.  I may disagree but I understand your position.  But, you don’t have to lie.  Keep it classy Carly. Stop lying. Admit there is no video.  Otherwise, can you rightly call someone else a liar when that’s very much part of who you are too? #JustSaying



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