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First Day of School: Happy Times for some and Sad Times for others…

First Day of SchoolIt’s after the morning drop off for the first day of school. It’s a short day and I’m at my usual spot, Starbucks, that’s right around the corner from my little guy’s school.  As I’m sipping my yummy spiced pumpkin latte and enjoying my spinach feta wrap, I am overcome with so many emotions about this day.  I’m filled with so much excitement, anxiety and pure joy that my son is now in the 2nd grade.  I have sweet anticipation knowing that this will be an awesome year for this extraordinary guy.  He’s got big dreams and great plans. I pray that he will keep the joy he has for learning and dreaming big.  I pray that he’s protected from harm, but if something should arise, I pray that the direction and confidence he has from the Lord will guide and protect him.

As I share with you the happiness I have on this day, I must also share the other emotions that I am equally overwhelmed. I am reminded that while many of us celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of our children, whether it is for pre-K, grade school or college, there are so many parents that are not able to do the same.  I’m thinking about the parents of #TamirRice who was only 12 years old, #MikeBrown who was only 18, #TrayvonMartin who was only 17…killed in their youth, book of life closed.  Their mothers won’t have the luxury of sipping a latte and celebrating the first day of school or college.  They won’t be able to share in the joys of graduations, buying college supplies, weddings or first of anything.  Those dreams withered away as they buried their young sons.  My heart aches for them. My heart sinks even as it leaps for joy for my son.  And as I type the words, my son, it hits me over and over again, there’s absolutely nothing that can keep my son from the same fate.  I’m sure their mothers prayed, their grandmothers prayed and others who stood in the gap for them.  But ultimately, while my background is different, we are not unique, we are not shielded from the deadly consequences of lax #guncontrol laws or rogue murderous cops.

But even in my moments of despair.  I am remain faithful and cling to my hope that we will wake up, band together and change gun control laws that will keep us and our children safe in schools, in movie theaters, in parking lots, or on the sidewalks.  That we will encourage policy change that will hold police officers  accountable when they are using excessive force  and stop them before they become murderous cops.  That the good cops will stand tall, go around the #BlueWall and be part of the solution by not lying on police reports or turning the other way.  Let us all stand together and honor the fact that indeed #BlackLivesMatter.

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