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Murderous Cops – Why Training is NOT the Answer!

At least not the only answer. Neither is stopping racial profiling nor training black sons and daughters how to act when they have the unfortunate opportunity to encounter the police.  And the notion that we need more jobs and economic opportunities, while all true, is not the only answer.

The truth of the matter is, if we had all of those aforementioned things in place, we still lack ACCOUNTABILITY!  Yes, I meant for this to be in all caps because I am shouting it.  Let me say this, I do understand that not all cops are bad or willingly execute black males or females.  However, if you are the “good” cop that looks on as the “bad” cop does something wrong or if you are the “good” cop that consistently speaks up about all the good cops do but refuse to acknowledge that there are bad cops, you are just as much the problem.  The “blue code” is standing in the way of accountability.

How do I know there is NOT any accountability, well let’s see.  In the cases of #MichaelBrown, #EricGarner, #TamirRice and #WalterScott the officers who murdered these men all had some sort of troubled past.  For example, the law enforcement officer that killed #MichaelBrown, left a disbanded police force due to their “issues” between white officers and black residents.  In the case of #EricGarner, that officer had been sued a three times for misconduct for aggressive behavior.  In the case of #TamirRice, the 12 year old murdered by Cleveland police for having a toy gun, the murderous cop was deemed unfit to serve by another police department.  In the case of #WalterScott, the police officer had at least one complaint against him for excessive force by another black man. And in the most recent case of the murder of #FreddieGray, while we don’t know much about the cops personally involved with his arrest and untimely death, we do know that the Baltimore Police Department has settled $5.7 million in lawsuits for undue force.  If these murderous cops had been relieved of their duty for their previous egregious acts or in one case, never hired because they were unfit to serve, these black men would not have died at their hands.

How can any “good” law enforcement officer uphold these deplorable deadly acts of their colleagues?  Why don’t we hear more from the “good” cops speaking out on how this must end?  Why don’t we see “good” cops hold each other accountable and call their colleague to the carpet when they are in the wrong?  Why don’t we have special prosecutors in EVERY murderous cop case? Why not charge the murderous cop after they committed a crime, and have them go before a jury? All questions we need answered and we need answered now!

Quite frankly, nothing will change until all the “good” cops rise up and be bold.  And if they all stand behind the bold blue line, there will be no stopping murderous cops!  They will continue to operate in an environment where they know they can get away with killing black men and women. If there continues to be no accountability, there will continue to be #NoJusticeNoPeace.  #BlackLivesMatter

6 thoughts on “Murderous Cops – Why Training is NOT the Answer!

  1. Thank you for bringing light to the track records of these officers. These incidents are not isolated or random. I agree that the very people who are called to protect and serve the public have not been accountable to the public. Dru, this was well written and relevant.


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