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How Daniel Holtzclaw Gave Me My Voice Back!

Admittedly, I’ve been silent the last few weeks.  I’ve been overwhelmed into silence with the constant onslaught of the inequities perpetrated against black people in this country.  Then you add the extra layer of Hispanics, Muslims and so on.  The images running through my mind of black children, black men and black women being mistreated by those that are sworn to protect and serve, our neighbors, our co-workers, store owners, you name it. The media piling on by continuously portraying African Americans in not the most positive lights (that includes news and entertainment). The fact that the judicial system consistently fails to arrest, charge or convict killer cops or civilians when they’ve harmed/killed black people was too much.  All of it, too much!

With all of these external factors swirling around me, I looked at my son with the desperation any mother would have to protect her son and decided I need to be silent!  My tank was empty because I realized I was using up lots of energy being angry. And I’m the girl who is always had the glass half full attitude! I needed to retreat and regroup.  I needed to reassure myself that my voice really mattered and the actions I’m taking are worth the toll it takes on me.  I needed a new action plan.

And then the conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw!!!  It was as if a heavy weight was lifted and I was instantly renewed!  My voice returned.  This is in no way diminishing the gravity of what his conviction means to the 13 African American women he sadistically violated.  This is their victory alone.  Because of their courage to come forward, stand trial under tremendous scrutiny and tell their truth is the real reason my voice returned.  They reminded me the importance of our voices and that no matter how hard it may seem, I must dig deep, stand tall and tell my truth. The fire is burning strong in my belly and I couldn’t wait to start writing, speaking and working again!  The conviction was the glimmer of hope I needed.  However, the 13 women who exhibited insurmountable strength gave me the courage to get back on this journey!   They are the victors in this post!

I’m back and I’m ready to speak, write and fight for a better future for our people and our country. #LetsGetToWork #BlackLivesMatter #ImReady

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