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An Open Letter to Good Cops

Dear Good Cops, Where are you?  Will you ever speak up? Will you hold your colleagues, partners, system accountable for the many black lives that die unnecessarily at their hands? This letter isn’t for black cops only.  It is for all cops who place themselves in the “good’ category.  I understand and appreciate that there… Continue reading An Open Letter to Good Cops


Comcast’s XFINITY X1 is BOSS!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to check out Comcast’s upgraded platform, XFINITY X1 and it was BOSS!  The experience seriously gave me something to think about…like possibly switching from Verizon FIOS back to Comcast.  Here’s why. The XFINITY X1 Entertainment operating system has so many awesome features at your fingertips.  One… Continue reading Comcast’s XFINITY X1 is BOSS!