Comcast’s XFINITY X1 is BOSS!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to check out Comcast’s upgraded platform, XFINITY X1 and it was BOSS!  The experience seriously gave me something to think about…like possibly switching from Verizon FIOS back to Comcast.  Here’s why.

The XFINITY X1 Entertainment operating system has so many awesome features at your fingertips.  One of my favorites is the KID Zone, of course! As the mom of a 7 year old, or shall I say 7 and 9/10th year old (that’s really important to Maxwell!), who is constantly seeking his independence, the Kid Zone is a safe and secure way for him to access his favorite shows while discovering new ones!  I would have the ability to control what he watches and even set parameters based on age.  One of the most intriguing features within in Kid Zone is when appropriate programming is on a channel – like Cartoon Network – my son would have access to that channel, however once the program concludes, he will no longer be able to access the channel.  So, if I let him have a late night on the weekend watching his favorite shows on Cartoon Network, once Adult Swim kicks in, I don’t have to run back downstairs to change the channel! He won’t be able to see ANY of those shows.  This alone is worth the switch!

Finally, one of the most impressive features is the new VOICE controlled remote control.  This is so cool!  You can simply say an actor, show or any command and it will respond.  Almost like having Suri for your TV…but without her saying anything back to you!

At the end of the day, I found Comcast’s XFINITY X1 platform to be very engaging, easy to use and family friendly.  If you already have Comcast, you should definitely think about upgrading or at least trying out the XFINITY X1 platform.  If you don’t have it, I would recommend going to one of the store fronts and experiencing it for yourself.  You will be impressed. I know I was! #ComcastConnects #XFINITYMoms #Ad

{Sponsored Post Disclaimer} I was invited to an awesome event hosted by Comcast and was given a gift bag for attendance. However, all opinions are my own.

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