Political Pearls

I’m with Hillary Clinton. Here’s why:

Some people reading this aren’t surprised as their assumption is that I was already a supporter of Secretary Clinton. While I leaned Hillary Clinton, I wasn’t all the way in her court.  I was open to hear what Senator Bernie Sanders and Governor Martin O’Malley had to offer.  I took the time to read through their policy platforms and I listened to what they said during debates, speeches, etc.

Further, I had to really take inventory of what my hesitance was about her.  What I realized is I’ve allowed the many years of the republicans’ rhetoric of her untrustworthiness, often fueled by the media, infiltrate my opinion of her. Not only has she been painted as someone who doesn’t know what the truth looks like even it stared her in the face, Secretary Clinton has also been characterized as an opportunist especially for staying with her husband after his adulterous acts.  Never once considering that she may actually LOVE her husband and wanted to stay with him because she loved him.  Truth be told, she would have garnered more props if she had left him, but she didn’t.  Oh yeah, and about her being untrustworthy or a liar, I think the award winning Politifact’s assessment debunks that theory handedly.  And let’s not forget all of the hearings about Benghazi and the media frenzy around emails (while I do believe she shouldn’t have used her personal server) has produced much of nothing. Simply put, I have come to realize I was judging her based on things that were either fabricated or insinuated about her character. I fell for it. But not anymore.

After reading both Secretary Clinton’s and Senator Sander’s policy platforms, I realize there isn’t much light between them.  They clearly have different routes to achieving their goals and in a few cases they may drastically differ on policy, free versus more affordable college.  But ultimately, they are on the same track. Some may argue Senator Sanders has brought her more to the left and I totally agree. I think he should stay in the campaign for as long as she stayed during her 2008 bid.  It makes for great conversation on the issues.

To that end, here’s why I’ve come to the decision to vote for Secretary Hillary Clinton.  For background, I really wanted to get a full appreciation of policy positions and go beyond the primary election noise to get to a place where I was voting “for” and not “against” a candidate.  So, here’s why I’m with Her:

  1. She’s is more than qualified to lead our country domestically and internationally day one.
  2. She’s ready to be Commander in Chief.
  3. She is extremely knowledgeable of policy and the process. She has a command of what’s needed and how to get it done.
  4. She has studied and is well prepared. Knowing that she would have to be overqualified to secure this position in comparison to her male cohorts.
  5. I fundamentally believe she has what it takes to be an effective and efficient leader.
  6. I have no doubt she will do her best to work down ballot to ensure Democrats are elected in order to achieve policy goals.
  7. I believe her.

Finally, I want to add the following two points that are near and dear to my core beliefs about this election…any election.

  • I do not believe there is one candidate that is the best option for African Americans. The only way we can make them good for us is if we hold them accountable. This means beyond voting, which is powerful, we absolutely MUST advocate and lobby for a collective agreed upon set of policies.  Each year, let’s combine our efforts and use our strength to push for three policies that will enhance the lives of African Americans in this country. I wrote about this a year ago. Please visit my previous post for context.
  • Even though I have decided to vote for Secretary Clinton, if she should lose the nomination to Senator Bernie Sanders, I will not only vote for him, but I will campaign for him as well. However, after he’s elected, I would likely work against his tax plan…just keeping it 100!

So there you have it.  During the Maryland Primary Elections scheduled for April 26th, I will be voting for Secretary Hillary Clinton for President, democrats for the federal level and those that best represent my values locally. #politicalpearls

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